Big Ideas

You Have Greatness Inside You And Can Change Faster Than You Think

  • Finding your greatness can be the spark to transformation.  Your intentions drive your actions and ultimately your results.  You will achieve more with a solid strategy, supporting stories or beliefs, while in your optimal emotional state.  Applying the recent breakthroughs in the understanding of how habits form and how habits can be modified, make rapid change possible.

Live Your Own High Standards To Accomplish More In Less Time

  • The gap between knowing what you should do and doing it can be significant. Given all the information available, why do so many struggle to achieve better results? Change is an inside out process and you have to live your high standards.  What I have found works best is focusing on the right things, having hard deadlines, over doing instead of over thinking, and a willingness to be candid about our capabilities and our assignments.

There is more energy, passion, and greatness inside each of us. We seek to unleash these capabilities to produce results faster than most people think is possible. You are the one that makes the difference.


Dwight Stewart is CEO of Results Matter Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in performance improvement for leaders and their teams.  He writes and consults on how to implement change in yourself, your personal life, your team, and your organization.

Dwight began his career as an internal auditor for a multi-national oil and gas exploration company.  He moved into Information Technology as a liaison between the Finance Department and IT.  After several years in a variety of IT roles, Dwight fouded Results Matter Inc., in 1997, to provide management consulting services.  The practice ares are coaching, performance improvement, IT support services, and consulting in BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite™ projects.  These projects involve implementing an enterprise IT operations platform based on ITIL-aligned service management best-practice process flows, develop ITSM customizations using the Software Development Life Cycle, and to deliver the solution on schedule.

Dwight has been part of teams and has lead teams implementing ITSM in many top organizations including PanCanadian Petroleum Limited (now EnCana Corporation), Precision Drilling Corporation, California Independent System Operator (CaISO),  Agrium Inc, the City of Calgary, and the Government of Alberta.  He specializes in project execution improvement and acceleration, project turnarounds, process improvement, and increasing team effectiveness.

Since 2008 Dwight has been an Assistant Coach with the SAIT Polytechnic Men’s Basketball Program in Calgary, Canada.  His areas of focus are leadership, team building, character development, resilience, and mental toughness training.

Hardware, software, or website support clients include the SAIT Polytechnic Men’s Basketball program, Morpheus Basketball, Kuefler & Company, and Ellert Law.

Dwight believes that teams get more done when individuals understand and accept their role, expectations and deadlines are clear, rewards and accountability occur fairly, and leaders are perceived to be invested in achieving results.  Change is an inside out process and starts with the individual knowing themselves, honouring their commitments, and ultimately finding their voice.  In sports and in business, Dwight has coached leaders and teams to improve their performance in visible ways.

Dwight earned his B.Comm degree from the University of Calgary and has practitioner level certification in ITIL V2 IPRC (Combined Change, Configuration and Release Management), ITIL V2 IPSR (Combined Service Desk, Incident and Problem Management), and PRINCE2 project management.

He lives in Calgary, Canada.

He can be reached here.

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