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How Can You Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Today on Fareed Zakaria GPS, Fareed had an interview with neuroscientist Lisa Genova about Alzheimer's disease. We keep hearing it ...
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What Not to Say to a Stressed-Out Colleague

No clichés, and no platitudes. We want to help when we see someone stressed out. When someone is wound up, ...
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Telomere Effect: The Mind-Body Connection Biology

Dr. Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel's research shows that the length and health of one's telomeres are a biological underpinning ...
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8 Ways To Put Anyone At Ease | Fast Company

Eight strategies for being more approachable and fine-tuning your communication skills. The 8 ways are: Pay Attention Adapt Your Style ...
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Modern Marketing Essentials Guide To Content Marketing

Sylvia Jensen, senior director EMEA marketing of Oracle Marketing Cloud, does an excellent presentation in this webinar on the three ...
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Avoid 4 Freelancing Mistakes

Making the leap from being a WordPress developer in your spare time or for a boss to going freelance is daunting but ...
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Architect, implement, consult, and train onITSM following the SDLC and best practices. A layered implementation approach, efficient development practices, and finding ways to get more done with your existing team.


Your team gets more done. Finally a paperless solution that works in 3 steps. Your processes while on the go to collect, validate, approve, and submit information your mobile device. Work on and off-line.


Requirements, design, and iterative builds for your WordPress website including mobile payments integration. Create new or improve on what you have for better performance, search engine ranking, and ultimately business results.


Talk, email or chat with Service Desk agents based in North America. Remote support, security management, and malware protection with predictable costs.

C E CLOUD 24/7

Secure access to your information when and where you need it. From Office 365 to secure file sharing that complies with your regulatory requirements - truly corporate services used by clients in North America.


Effectiveness Coaching For Leaders & Teams. Your perform your best when you executed your strategy, backed by your story or beliefs, while in the optimal state for you. We help you get more accomplished with your existing team.


There is more energy, passion, and greatness inside each of us to be unleash to produce results faster than you though possible. It will be hard and it is worth it.


Strategist, results-driven business consultant, and solution seeker, Dwight Stewart has been working with Fortune 500 companies and governments to solve business problems through the combination of technology, process, and people changes for almost than thirty years. He has strong IT background in ITSM, using the ITIL framework, along with a keen interest in the field of technology. Dwight is the founder of the Results Matter Group, a management consulting firm specializing in accelerated IT Service Management or ITIL projects, improving performance for leaders and their teams, and delivering managed services on premise and in the cloud. Successful implementations on schedule are what make him special. Dwight lives his belief that change is an inside out process. He works hard to foster an environment where being your best self is expected and supported. He is an avid social dancer in Calgary, Alberta and plans to keep adding to the list of cities around the world where he has danced with his wife.

Personal Info

  • +1403.800.8595
  • 234, 5149 Country Hills Blvd NW, Suite 14, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Here are some examples of what people say about me.

Dwight is very well organized and diligent in his work ethic. In addition to being knowledgeable about the Remedy product suite, he goes beyond just product knowledge by helping senior leadership identify and remove potential roadblocks for implementation. I highly recommend him for ITIL, Remedy, and Project Management services.


Director IT at Optum - A United Health Company
Mr. Stewart is and has been a very knowledgeable consultant for many years, always prepared, with excellent suggestions to enhance the computer operations of a law firm. He is not governed by a clock or workday and has always been available when needed. Would absolutely recommend his services to any company requiring expert IT set up and support.


Real Estate Paralegal at Gary A Daniels
I worked with Dwight directly and have known him for many years. Dwight is a consummate professional, that knows his products very well and is able to work at all levels of business. Dwight takes a methodical approach to business solutions and is very focused on the process and practice of delivering a solution that is right for the customer. I highly recommend Dwight's work and would work with him again anytime.


President, Stealth Network Services Inc.

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