How Can You Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Today on Fareed Zakaria GPS, Fareed had an interview with neuroscientist Lisa Genova about Alzheimer's disease. We keep hearing it ...
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What Not to Say to a Stressed-Out Colleague

No clich├ęs, and no platitudes. We want to help when we see someone stressed out. When someone is wound up, ...
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Telomere Effect: The Mind-Body Connection Biology

Dr. Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel's research shows that the length and health of one's telomeres are a biological underpinning ...
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8 Ways To Put Anyone At Ease | Fast Company

Eight strategies for being more approachable and fine-tuning your communication skills. The 8 ways are: Pay Attention Adapt Your Style ...
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Modern Marketing Essentials Guide To Content Marketing

Sylvia Jensen, senior director EMEA marketing of Oracle Marketing Cloud, does an excellent presentation in this webinar on the three ...
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Avoid 4 Freelancing Mistakes

Making the leap from being a WordPress developer in your spare time or for a boss to going freelance is ...
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Explain Your Work Capacity To Your Boss

We are all expected to do more. Do you struggle to explain to your boss what you are doing and ...
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Books Worth Reading from TED Speakers 2014

If you enjoy TED talks, take a look at their books worth reading list for 2014 by Thu-Huong Ha. I ...
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80 Year Old Surprise

When this was shared with me, I could hardly believe it. Watch and be amazed (sounds like hype, but suspend ...
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