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Video Game Maker Value Corp. Made Piracy a Non-Issue

Value Corp. are the makers of such hit games as Half Life and Portal. They are giants in digital distribution ...
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What Creates Energy in Organizations?

The authors talk about eight decisions that increase energy and that these questions can for a diagnostic. The authors say ...
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What Not to Say to a Stressed-Out Colleague

No clichés, and no platitudes. We want to help when we see someone stressed out. When someone is wound up, ...
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Win the Pitch: Tips from MasterCard’s “Priceless” Pitchman

Understanding your customers motivation to buy is tricky.  Kevin Allen does a great job making it easier to understand by ...
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You Know What You Should Do, But Why Don’t You Do It?

Back in 2000, Stanford business school professor Jeffrey Pfeffer wrote a book called "The Knowing-Doing Gap:How Smart Companies Turn Knowledge ...
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“The Bootstrapper’s Bible” on Your Business

I was watching "Your Business" on MSNC and Seth Godin was talking about his book "The Bootstrapper's Bible."  He is ...
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