Building Resilience – Harvard Business Review

Gen. George W. Casey, speaks with Master Resilience Training School students during a recent visit to Fort Jackson, S.C. U.S. Army photo by Susanne Kappler.

What makes one person grow from experiencing a trauma, another gets through it to be basically the same as they were before the trauma (resilience), and yet another fall apart?  Dr. Seligman shows how training can move people towards growth as the result of the trauma.  “These are the people of whom Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which … Read more


The Power of Small Wins – Harvard Business Review

The Power of Small Wins – Harvard Business Review, by Teresa M. Amabile and Steven J. Kramer, May 2011. The results of the research of managers perceptions shows that most (95%) fail to understand what is motivating to staff. Make sure you read the section “A Surprise for Managers” section.  The author reminds us about … Read more


Three Myths about What Customers Want

Sometimes as business owners, we think the conventional wisdom applies to us and this article suggests we should reconsider. Myth #1: Most consumers want to have a relationship with your brand. I fall into the 77% of consumers that do have a relationship, and I do not want a relationship, with brands. The article says … Read more